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I feel like writing

The Internet is about content. People are desperate to create content in the hope that others will come, see, like and then take the content creator to a high level of acknowledgement, respect and everything that builds on an ego.

I do feel like writing what comes to me, sometimes. Right now, I’m just writing to test the new WordPress iPhone client. You didn’t expect that, did you?

Anyway, sharing your own thoughts is a good way to let the stress out, and probably I’m doing that by writing this. Who knows for sure?

My advice for you is that you always keep an open eye, have a second opinion about what others try to sell you as something useful or needed.

The great majority of Internet contents is made up of garbage. Don’t fall for that.

Having said that, I can only hope that you come back again.

And remember: less garbage, more real content.


Respect vs consume

I am reading all over the places about how Google is conducting its business. Now, it came up that they give some kind of advantage to Motorola by releasing information up front, by working hand in hand in design of devices etc.

Not really a surprise to me, as Google is powerful, but it’s power comes from its ubiquitous character.

But google wasn’t there when there was no Internet, no CD, no gigahertz processing power and no graphics display adapters that, alone, are more powerful than Eniac.

I would enlist the following companies to be the ones we should pay some respect:

Adobe – these guys invented a lot of things that are took for granted today, but PDF and PostScript are two examples of industry wide contribution;

Apple – Well, this is where things get hot, for this company is loved by many, but hated by many. Anyway, these guys were there when many things didn’t exist, and contributed to various standards even when they completely missed the point, like with the case of the Apple Printer, Apple Bus and other less important things.

However, amongst the really interesting things they did are: True Type fonts (yeah, theres more than one single finger of Apple in there), and of off course, the iPod, and then the iPhone, and then again, iPad. Those who risk saying these are not important, will be simply saying s/he doesn’t know a thing about this industry.

Geez, I’m writing this blog post on my iPhone! I don’t even need a full computer anymore!

IBM – Yes, they did sell some machines to the 3rd Reich, but they invented almost every thing we use today, like the hard disk. And the PC market, in which the machine is built by one manufacturer but the OS is published by another.

This approach is radically different from Apple’s, and it might be the grand responsible for the commercial success of the IBM/PC product.

IBM didn’t invent SQL, well, not alone at least, but SQL wouldn’t be here as we know it today, if it were for Oracle. Know what I mean?

Intel – What to say? These guys invented the the first successful microprocessor. If this is not credential enough, then I don’t know what the hell is.

Sure there are other important ones, like Zilog and Motorola/IBM, and IBM alone, but Intel is Intel. Period.

Microsoft – Really, MS is not even close to be one respectful company when it comes to commercial and market practices. But these guys indeed changed the industry. Despite what Steve Jobs stated, that they have no taste, they have at least a lot of guts.

They compete, they make errors, they follow others, but they also can lead. This is certainly not easy.

Sun – Sun was acquired by Oracle. It still sounds strange to me, because Sun is not only responsible for Java. Prior to that, these guys had Sparc Satations that really rocked.

The thing with Sparc was that it’s RISC architecture was so much better for floating point calculation than CISC, that a machine equipped with a slower processor, in terms of raw clock speed, performed much well better than one with a faster CISC machine. This means efficiency of brute force.

Anyway, if it were not for the elegance, we now have Java. I can’t think of MS delivering anything close to Java. Nor Apple.

Xerox – Xerox is some kind of philanthropy company. So much have come out of its PARC that I can’t even think where to begin.

But I can think about the mouse alright. Yeah. The graphic display, the mouse, the GUI… These are all creations of Xerox. Steve Jobs didn’t invent any of it. MS didn’t invent any of these. Xerox did.

The irony is that the document company had its inventions, well, xeroxed.

I am probably letting some very important companies out of this list, like Epson, HP and Borland. But with all due respect, they all play important focused roles in the industry, and this list is intended to show industry wide companies.

Now, what do we gain from Google? Many things, but I dare saying they’re all consuming products that may fall into disuse.

While the companies on the list deserve all respect for the things they’ve done right AND wrong, we can consume Google’s products and niceties while we can, because Google is by no means, an inch of what the the companies on the list are.

And why is that? Because Google creates, but it doesn’t invent.

Think about that.