I feel like writing

The Internet is about content. People are desperate to create content in the hope that others will come, see, like and then take the content creator to a high level of acknowledgement, respect and everything that builds on an ego.

I do feel like writing what comes to me, sometimes. Right now, I’m just writing to test the new WordPress iPhone client. You didn’t expect that, did you?

Anyway, sharing your own thoughts is a good way to let the stress out, and probably I’m doing that by writing this. Who knows for sure?

My advice for you is that you always keep an open eye, have a second opinion about what others try to sell you as something useful or needed.

The great majority of Internet contents is made up of garbage. Don’t fall for that.

Having said that, I can only hope that you come back again.

And remember: less garbage, more real content.


About Gustavo Pinsard

Mecânico por formação, programador por paixão, desenvolvedor por responsabilidade.

One response to “I feel like writing”

  1. airton motta says :

    hum… one sees. content, is it?

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