Clarion same ol’, same ol’

Day after day, and I keep reading the same complaints, justifications, rants, frustrations and gobbledeegook, from the same individuals, over and over and over.

But nothing really changes, in terms of improvement. I read people are always trying to do new things, but desperately trying to use the same old methods and tools.

I often read answers to other’s frustrations, that have any other intention than actually solve the problem, or support the poor user who is suffering, from whatever it may be: technical, business limitation, personal frustration with Clarion, and even true commitment with Clarion and/or community development.

I just saw a post arguing about an imminent release of a version, that had a (serious? who am I to judge what is serious and what’s not?) bug. And guess what? A saw a response from a Clariban member specifically using the word “blame”.

Well, I rather not see another buggy version, that will do me not much more than drag me away from what I have to do.

Personally I prefer spending time reading MSDN so I can learn how to do things, than buying a ton of templates that will “solve” my “problems” in a “quick” and “easy” way. But that’s just me, because even doing so, I still make good money from being such a dumb programmer who prefers to learn how to do things, instead of being a super smart programmer that responds promptly whenever the customer presses up.

I don’t know, but there’s something really wrong going on with this community. Clarion is a very nice language, but SV is obviously having turn around problems. Worse: a lot, I mean, a LOT of developers seem not to bother at all.

Things like: “take it easy, we can wait some 4 more years for these little bug corrections”, or “what really matters is making the app SEEM to work like a web application”, or even “why would I need to use an external editor? Clarion’s got it all!”

I tell you. This is BS. Clarion is a computer language, there is a Clarion compiler, and there is the Clarion IDE. The language works well, the compiler works well, but the IDE sucks bigtime. And SV is clearly totally lost trying to produce an IDE that amazes, seduces, and works like it used to be on mid-late 90’s.

I know Z worked side by side with BB (that’s Bruce Barrington) and he loves Clarion, probably much more than any of us, but I tell you: love isn’t nearly all it takes to produce a product.

So, all you, Claribans, before counter attack like a horde of watchdogs trying to fence SV from having to do what they have to do, think twice, because you might be very well, wrong.

You don’t want to answer questions, teaching how to do, instead of pointing to your own “solution” to a problem, fine. But use the same approach for when you don’t have something that will contribute to the TRUE development of the community.

Sometimes, when you think you’re doing a great good, you might be doing exactly the opposity, feeding fear, misleading, and promoting the same ol’, same ol’ thing that impedes personal, technical, and industry development.

Thank you.


About Gustavo Pinsard

Mecânico por formação, programador por paixão, desenvolvedor por responsabilidade.

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